Corporate Training

Organisations and businesses must be able to communicate, cooperate, pivot, adapt, think quickly, innovate, bring people with them and move forward with change.

We can do a one off workshops; or a few sessions over a period of time to really embed the principles of improv.

Liverpool Comedy Improv training sessions will demonstrate how the principles and practice of improvisation at work can help your organisation meet its needs:

Improv makes visible improvements in skills such as:

  • Effective communication – deeper listening, between staff, clients, sales
  • Successful team working – more agreement based on the principal of thinking ‘yes and’ not ‘no because’
  • Inventive innovation – co-creation between partnerships
  • Outward, adventurous leadership

Why Comedy Improv?

Comedy improv within a business development and training context provides a fun, experiential and innovative skill set that can positively meet contemporary business needs:

  • communication skills (e.g. sales, marketing, customer facing interactions)
  • adaptability
  • team skills
  • relationship building
  • leadership
  • creativity and innovation

It’s an increasingly popular training practice in the UK, whereas U.S. companies, such as Twitter and Google (amongst others), have been using it for years!

What Will You Do in a Liverpool Comedy Improv Training Session?

Typically an introductory session is where you get to do stuff – no sitting down taking notes or looking at a power point presentation!

It will be a fun, funny, active and participatory session.

Firstly, there will be warm-up games where playfulness is encouraged to start the session. This will lead to simple, short and well structured improvised scenes and games to be played and explored by all.

Plenty of time will be given during the sessions for discussion of how improv principles can be applied, actioned and used for your specific business needs.

Why Participate?

Are you wanting to:

  • increase your sales effectiveness,
  • develop better customer relations,
  • become more comfortable when presenting,
  • build better relationships with staff and associates,
  • find new ways to push through creative blocks

AND have fun in the process?

Then get in touch to discuss how improv can benefit your business.