Monday Nights Improv Drop In

I teach comedy improvisation drop-in workshops every Monday night, upstairs @ The Pilgrim Pub, 34 Pilgrim Street, Liverpool, L1 9HB, 7-9pm, £7 conc/£8 waged.


Improvisation is making up scenes spontaneously without a script.

These 2 hour workshops are for any level of experience of improv. But they particularly suit BEGINNERS.

They are fun, friendly and supportive, with lots of laughter. (Don’t just take my word for it – take a look at some testimonials to see what others think!)

Comedy improvisation helps creativity, spontaneity, and free-thinking. It’s great for confidence building, and a lot of laughter – therapy for the soul!

“A wonderful and nurturing environment where the main aim is to just cut loose and have fun. I’ve been loving it to pieces and it’s been doing me the world of good as well. Highly recommended for anybody.” (Elliott)

These workshops are great for:

  • People who have no or little experience of doing improv or acting.
  • People who have some experience of improv or acting but want to work on their improvisation skills
  • People who are experienced in acting or improv but want to keep practicing their craft on a weekly basis
  • People who are naturally curious
  • People who are open-minded
  • Stressed and busy people who want to have a stress-busting laugh in a skilled and structured environment
  • Creative people who might be feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked’

“Met people who are supportive and funny all the way, and as the tutor would say she’s ace.” (PJ)










“Thank you for a great evening! I really enjoyed the exercises and had a lot of fun, and it really helped to get some confidence towards my expressing myself. What a wonderful group of people! I will be returning for sure!” (Johnny)

This is a fully participatory session. The weekly workshops start with ice breaker warm-up games, where playful silliness is encouraged! Then leads into simple, very short improvised scenes. Then progresses onto some classic improv favourite games and scenes (similar to Whose Line is it Anyway).

“I really enjoyed my debut at Liverpool Comedy Improv and will definitely come again. Thanks again for everyone who took part tonight and for making me feel so welcome” (Mark).

At Liverpool Comedy Improv drop in:

  • It’s OK to ‘not know’ what to say.
  • It’s OK to not ‘be funny’
  • It’s OK to be a little bit scared (this soon passes!)
  • It’s OK that you’re worried you might ‘get it wrong’ (in fact you can’t really get improv ‘wrong’!)
  • It’s OK to play
  • It’s OK to be silly
  • It’s definitely OK to laugh – a lot!








“Wow! What a great couple of hours that was. My first time at the Comedy Improv drop in and I cant wait to go again. A fab way to have a giggle or belly laugh as was the case tonight. Thank you Emma” (Helen)