Improv Workshops for Wellbeing

Upcoming Wellbeing Workshop: The Walton Centre, Oct 2017. This critical care NHS unit will explore comedy improv as part of their staff health and wellbeing programme.


Liverpool Comedy Improv previously delivered an 8 week course for Wellbeing Enterprises CIC. Based in Runcorn and Widnes, the weekly classes were tailored specifically for participants who were seeking a visible improvement in their emotional and mental wellbeing. They wanted to connect with others, make new friends, try something different, have a good giggle.

Each session was tailored to suit the groups needs. There was a mixture of health, ability and mobility levels in the groups.

Out of 22 participants in total every one scored it 9 or above for satisfaction, 10 being extremely satisfied.


Here’s what the participants said about what they learnt, or what they enjoyed about the classes:

[I learnt] how to improvise verbally. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie between people and getting to know them and the tutor. It was well constructed and well led and all the members of the group were included.”

“[I learnt] how to express myself, have fun and improvise.”

“The best course I have ever been on, Emma the tutor, managed to keep our interest going and was very professional.”

“[I learnt] how to be spontaneous think on my feet, build my confidence. [It was] good for self -esteem. A great laugh.”

“[I enjoyed] the fun and meeting likeminded people in the group.”

“The whole course was excellent!”

“[It was a] confidence building course – a great help outside of course”

“[I enjoyed the] laughter and to let my mind flow.”

“[I learnt how] to have fun and how to laugh again.”

“It was excellent.”

“[It was] very enjoyable … would like a longer course.”

“[It was] very enjoyable learning how funny we can be.”

“[I enjoyed] everything, it has been great fun!”

“It has built my confidence. I have dropped my boundaries and thrown myself into it.”

“[I learnt] how not to control, how to have fun.”

“[I enjoyed] creating scenes.”

If you would like to discuss Liverpool Comedy Improv delivering improv for wellbeing for your organisation or company, please use the contact form. We’d be delighted to discuss what we can do for you.