Improv Troupe for Actors


Liverpool Comedy Improv has launched an Improv for Actors Troupe. The Unscriptables!

Specifically for actors or professional performers who want to  hone their improv skills. Whether it’s for an audition, rehearsals, performances or just for skills improvement, all actors/performers need to feel confident at improvising.

The troupe regularly rehearse and gig throughout the North West attracting industry professionals as well as the usual comedy crowd to come and watch us perform.


NEXT GIG IS Weds Oct 11th 7.30pm.





L1 2SJ



We’re always on the look out for new members so If you’re a professional actor / performer and the troupe sounds like what you’re looking for, leave a comment or email me using our Get in Touch page and give your expression of interest. You can also join our mailing list to hear all about forthcoming gigs and further auditions. You must be available for weekly rehearsals in Liverpool/Manchester.



Previous Actors Workshops:

Liverpool Comedy Improv delivered a successful workshop for professional actors at AftaThought. This training company uses professional actors to role-play for company training.

All actors should be skilled, confident and proficient at improv and this was an ideal opportunity for these professional actors to freshen their skills.


Here’s what the participants said about the workshop:

“[I feel] more confident and energised to do more.”

“[The workshop was] friendly, supportive, constructive feedback delivered positively. A lot of ‘doing stuff’ from the start”

“All improv scenes were highly enjoyable both to watch and to participate in. It was good fun and informative.”

“[I feel] re-energised, happy, skilled up. If you want a refresher or learn new skills on improvisation, take it!”

“[The workshop] was fun, refreshing … as an actor you’re given the chance to play”

“[I feel] really positive, equipped for hot seating and curve-balls!. Open your mind, let the improv flow!”