Testimonials from participants of Liverpool Comedy Improv workshops, many of whom were trying it for the first time:


Testimonials from Chester Beginners Course:

“Had a great day with Emma at the Chester improv comedy workshop and met some very talented people. Highly recommend these workshops and hope one can be arranged in Manchester – but well worth the journey to Chester today. Emma has great energy and is so passionate about what she does and makes everyone feel at ease. Thank you!” (Brigid)

“I enjoyed the opportunity to play, and experiment – and mostly, to risk!  To risk trying something and not knowing how it would turn out (this was challenging too!).  This seems to have had the effect of making me a little more relaxed and playful in everyday life, certainly more spontaneous. I really felt that the course built well week on week, so that we developed our understanding and skills as improvisers.  There was plenty of variety too, with both shorter and longer improvisations.  I’d persuade a friend by telling them that you are well skilled in teaching improv, that they’ll have a great time and never stop laughing while learning.” (Andrew, Probation Service)

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the recent Comedy Improv course in Chester. It was a mind and body workout; much better value than going to the gym! It was good to meet such a fantastic group of people who were prepared to throw themselves bravely into the activities. I wish it were still going on as I haven’t laughed/moved so much in ages.” (Lynn, Teacher)

Testimonials from Liverpool Comedy Improv Monday Night Drop-in:

“Best decision I’ve ever made! I was absolutely terrified but that went away as soon as we started. Everyone is so supportive and nice that it’s impossible to feel nervous.” (Tabs)

“As a teacher, I understand the effort and the energy that goes into leading a workshop and I appreciate the standards you encourage and maintain in others. I really did enjoy myself. There is so much to enjoy, learning from you, and so much talent in the group.” (Julie, Teacher)

“It was daunting at first, beforehand, but quickly was fun … it was really well structured and a good laugh…” (Alun, Musician)

“The camaraderie and group games were a surprise!
I enjoyed the variety of games, the challenges and the energy / environment.” (Alan, Writer)

“It was relaxed, vibrant and just fun!”
(Jude, Comedian)

“I enjoyed the diversity of games … group dynamics and encouraging atmosphere.”(Jess, teacher)

“I enjoyed all of it!!!! … So much fun.” (John, Comedian)

“I enjoyed] the supportive atmosphere, laughing a lot and group games that are not ‘a performance.'” (Jo, Business adviser)


I asked participants to give three words to describe how they felt before and after the workshop. This was really interesting and rewarding to read:


A bit scared
In two minds


Glad I came!
Was great fun
It was Brill!
So much fun