Level 1 =Beginners

Level 2 & 3 = Intermediate 

Level 4 = Advanced 


Monday drop-in

Every Monday 7-9pm
ALL Levels

Improv comedy is about working together  to spontaneously create comedic scenes & sketches without a script. Mon night focuses primarily on 'short-form' improv.


What happens at Monday night drop-in? 

Plenty of improv scenes and games! 

If you're new to improv you'll learn and embed the improv principle of YES AND.

If you're more experienced, these sessions keep up your reps. 


Everyone will:

Learn how to build a fundamental scene platform (an essential scene work skill).

Learn fun comic skills such as repetition, heightening and 'game of the scene'.

Establish the importance of the 'relationship in the scene'.

Support each other as an 'ensemble'

Work together in two person and group scenes.

Build self-confidence and boost wellbeing.

Level: Monday Night drop-in sessions are for ALL Levels from Beginners up. 

This is an in-person class with LCI Covid guidelines and a code of conduct. (details found on the website) 

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Tuesday drop-in

Every Tuesday 7-9pm
Intermediate - Advanced Level


Long form improv is about exploring improvised narratives, characters, themes and stories, often using a specific long-form improv format  


What happens at Tuesday Night Long form drop-in? 


Explore specific skills and formats to challenge and expand your range of improvisation skills. 

Create longer improvised stories and scenes

Develop deeper relationships in scenes

Learn a range of editing techniques

Build worlds

Support each other as an ensemble.


Level: Tuesday night long-form classes are suitable for Intermediate and Advanced players. (i.e. those who are confident playing longer scenes and forms. 

 Improvisers who already practice or perform long form.

Players who have at least 6+ months doing short-form improv and would like to begin exploring long-form).

This is an in-person class following LCI Covid Guidelines and a Code of Conduct, found on the website


Improv in the Park

Some Sundays (summer only) 1pm-3pm

All levels

Improv comedy is about working together as a team to spontaneously create scenes & sketches.  Laughter is guaranteed because comedic moments and humour are a natural by-product of playfulness, trust, non-judgmentalism and creative flow.


Improv is a fun way to:

Build confidence personally, socially and professionally.

Unleash your self-expression and creativity. 

Boost your mental health and wellbeing.

Develop spontaneity, cognitive adaptability and flexibility

Make new friends. 

What happens in sessions?

       Play improv games and scenes 

Listen and accept ideas

Co-create scenes together

Build confidence

 Appreciate creativity 

Commit to self and each other

Boost social connection and wellbeing


Suitable for all levels


This is an in person class following LCI Covid Guidelines and a Code of Conduct, found on the website 

Online Drop-in

Every Weds 7-9pm
All levels

This is a super fun online class developing your improv skills and confidence.

Zoom-prov has developed into its own style of improv during the last year and is a fun and delightful way to play improv with lots of different people across the UK and the world.

What happens in an online class?

 Focusing on developing scene-work skills that adds to your improv toolbox. 

Key skills such as listening and accepting ideas

Creating solid scene platforms

Using hats, props, wigs to develop character

Editing for camera

The class will be responsive to participants. Exploring a mixture of short form games and long form scene skills. 


This class is perfect for people not local to Liverpool;  those who can’t get to an in person class for whatever reason; those who want to maintain connections to the wider LCI community.


All Levels



This is an online class using Zoom

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