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Fri, 20 Sept



Weekend Improv Intensive with David Razowsky

An incredible weekend of five masterclasses with world-respected improv teacher David Razowsky

Weekend Improv Intensive with David Razowsky
Weekend Improv Intensive with David Razowsky

Time & Location

20 Sept 2024, 18:30 – 22 Sept 2024, 17:30

Liverpool, 22 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BY, UK


About the event

Weekend Intensive from world-respected improv teacher David Razowsky. 

There is no other teacher I would rather learn about 'how to subvert improv rules' with than David Razowsky. There is also no better teacher to practice being acutely alive to this present moment. He is a legendary improviser and teacher, a previous Artistic Director of The Second City (LA), and has decades of performing, directing and teaching experience under his belt. 

His unique methodology may, in parts, contradict received wisdom ('the improv rules') - but it may also profoundly transform how you approach your improv scenes. 

“David Razowsky is funny, smart, inquisitive, and artistically fearless.” – Steve Carell

This weekend of masterclasses will provide methods and exercises that allow you to connect to your partner and the scene without worrying about the rules.


Fri 20/9/24 | 6.30 - 9.30pm | How Do I Work With That? | £60

In a jam at a jam? There are more improv jams than ever, which means more opportunities to perform, sometimes with great players, sometimes with challenging ones. This additional Liverpool masterclass will help you create exciting scenes no matter what anyone tosses at you. You have choices. Learn what they are.

Learn to work with improvisers who: * Always go for the joke * Start a scene at a “10”  * Don’t listen, talk over you, or don’t let you talk * Make you or themselves crazy, high, drunk, or demented * Start the scene at an obvious beginning * Play a racist/sexist, transphobic, or homophobic character * Mindlessly add plot * Talk about the activity in a scene * Start a transaction, negotiation or teaching scene * Deny the basic reality of the scene * Worry about what to say, so they don’t say anything

Sat 21/9/24  |  10.30-1.30pm  |  Get in Focus (SOLD OUT)

What are you focused on when you begin a scene? What offers are you missing because you’re building a story instead of connecting to your emotional responses? You will learn how to use the power of your kinesthetic responses to build strong scenes the moment the scene starts.

Sat 21/9/24  |  2.30-5.30pm  |  Point of View (SOLD OUT)

Point of view is the bedrock of every relationship. You give your point of view and your partner gives theirs. Sounds easy. But how often are scenes derailed because the actors don’t hold onto their points of view or mindlessly add unnecessary details that throw the scene off course? Recognizing, maintaining, and evolving a point of view creates confident and exciting scenes.

Sun 22/9/24  |  10.30-1.30pm  |  Exposition is Your Friend (1 spot left)

Getting bogged down in the “who, what, and where”? How much info is too much info? When have you had enough so you can “start” the fun part of the scene? It’s all in recognizing the feelings exposition offers you. Become aware of the feeling of being present, and you will suddenly know where you go next.

Sun 22/9/24  |  2.30-5.30pm  |  Stage Dynamics (2 spots left)

The dynamics between you and your partner are defined not just by your dialogue, but by where you are on stage. Stage dynamics help you better define your relationships, build tension, and make surprising discoveries. Explore the hidden treasures that lie beneath your feet. 

Informative, inspired, fearless, and whimsical.” – Keegan-Michael Key

This weekend intensive is a huge opportunity to access a world-renowned teacher right here in Liverpool. It promises to be unique, informative, challenging, subversive, engaging and fun!

Suitable for ALL LEVELS!


Instalments may be considered at the discretion of LCI. Please email to discuss.


Liverpool Arts Bar

22 Hope St, L1 9BY

(Sorry no refunds are available)


For more info on Raz, see 

His masterclasses follow his methodology as described in his book 'A Subversives Guide to Improvisation' (found at Amazon)


  • Fri 20th Sept 6.30-9.30pm

    This ticket is valid for Fri 20th Sept 6.30pm session only: How Do I Work With That?

    +£1.50 service fee
    Goes on sale: 01 Jul, 09:00
  • Sun 22nd Sept 10.30-1.30

    Sale ends: 06 Sept, 17:30

    This ticket is valid for Sun 22/9/24 10.30-1.30pm session ONLY

    +£1.50 service fee
  • Sun 22nd Sept 2.30-5.30

    Sale ends: 06 Sept, 17:30

    This ticket is valid for Sun 22/9/24 2.30-5.30pm session ONLY

    +£1.50 service fee



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