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Professional Bio

Emma Bird

Actor, Theatre Director, Improviser, Teacher


Based in Liverpool, UK, Emma founded Liverpool Comedy Improv in 2015, teaching improv to all levels. She has been improvising since 2007 and trained with leading improv professionals with a broad range of styles and philosophies from schools such as Second City, iO; UCB; Annoyance Theatre & The Groundlings.


Teachers include The Maydays, Jaime Moyer; David Razowsky; Liz Allen; Michael Gellman; Rachel Mason & Susan Messing; Will Hines; Jay Sukow; Brian Palermo; Jeff Michalski; Michelle Gilliam; Shannon Stott; Jonathan Pitts; Aretha Sills; Armando Diaz, amongst others.


She has founded, developed, performed and directed three improv teams, including Boss Birds Improv (Liverpool’s first all women team); and performs in her duo team Moses & Bird with Stuart Moses. 


Emma’s approach to teaching improv is grounded in her 30 year professional experience as an actor and theatre director.

Emma is a theatre director at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre.

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