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Hi, I'm Emma and I set up Liverpool Comedy Improv in 2015 to offer everyone the opportunity to learn improvisation in Liverpool and across Merseyside.

LCI teaches drop-in sessions for improvisers of all levels from complete beginners through to those who are more advanced.


We also offer specialised courses at every level to enable people to increase their skillset.

Improvisation enables people to tap into their own creativity, boost their self-expression and confidence as well as unleashing a ton of laughter! It also allows us all to hone our listening and communication skills by enabling us to actively listen to others.


The benefits include being spontaneous, being present and mindful, exploring your creativity and imagination, feeling validated and supporting others, spotting new opportunities, making new friends, having a lot of fun and building your personal confidence.

"I truly believe that everyone is inherently creative and playful, and has the capacity to surpass more than they thought they could. And  improv is one way to experience it

Emma Bird

Founder & Director

"Art is not the expression of the few who are recognised writers, painters, musicians;
it is the authentic expression of any and all individuality" 

John Dewey

Philosopher & Radical Educationalist

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