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LCI Code of Conduct

LCI holds to the principle that in order to create we must feel safe to do so. This code of conduct applies to all teachers, participants, administrative staff and performers at LCI.


  1. No one should ever feel harassed, intimidated or discriminated against.

  2. No one should ever feel they are the butt of a joke.

  3. All contact, be it physical, verbal online or other, must be consensual

  4. Everybody should feel safe and respected

  5. We expect participants and staff to behave with kindness and positivity toward one another, and that discriminatory language and stereotyping will not be used.


We understand that the art of improvisation can bring up difficult situations. Whether it is through subject matter, a portrayal of a character or words said. We ask that all assume the best of intentions, but if something does cause an individual concern, we encourage this to be brought up in a way you feel safe. There will be no retaliation to those who raise an issue. LCI will challenge behaviour deemed in breach of the code of conduct.  LCI will follow up concerns as requested to do so. The final decision as to whether a participant can remain or return to sessions rests with LCI.


We embrace and encourage diversity across all sections of society: age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, neuro-diversity.

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