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Improv Training for Businesses & Organisations

Liverpool Comedy Improv delivers successful improvisation sessions in business, corporate & public sector contexts.

“Some of the most powerful tools of improvisation are embedded in the principles of listening & accepting people’s ideas in a non-judgmental / non-agenda driven mindset. This is known as having a ‘YES AND’ mindset.”

We work with clients to cultivate and encourage a shift in people’s thinking; enhancing positive communication and validation of each other’s ideas.

Improvisation helps accommodate ourselves to being present in this moment and feeling OK with not always knowing the outcome.

LCI’s sessions use the principles of improvisation as explored through playful games and exercises. Tailored to suit the needs of the client these exercises are specifically chosen in order to develop trust in each other, support for everyone's creativity and positive listening and communication skills. We play and cultivate the skill of being 'present' and encourage our brains to switch off from our drive to 'be right' or 'correct'.


Within an environment of safety, support and non-judgmental positive regard, any feelings of being 'out of our comfort zone' or fear of  'getting it wrong' or 'self-consciousness' are softened and mitigated through laughter and growth.  

Improv develops team cohesion, collaboration, cooperation, and clear communication.

Recent Clients

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From Royal Sun Alliance 

“None stop laughing all day. I learned a lot about people too!”


“Was great meeting everyone, really had a good laugh… So much fun!”


“Really enjoyed the day, easily one of the best team events I’ve ever been on, fantastic organisation and events.”


“It’s been a great and useful event and a great opportunity to get to know colleagues I didn’t meet before.”


“The event exceeded my expectations.  Emma’s ‘yes and' game’ was particularly engaging.”

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Speaking with Confidence

LCI leads workshops to enhance presentation, communication and public speaking skills. 


Speaking with Confidence workshops gives you simple exercises, long used by actors and performers, to combat nerves and develop your awareness of how to present confidently during meetings, presentations, conferences or at networking events.


We practically explore exercises for breath control, projection, enunciation, pace and posture – and have some fun in the process too!  

Recent Clients



"A great workshop provided by an experienced and friendly facilitator. Emma encourages everyone with fun and support and by the end we were all practicing public speaking with the group. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to be more confident when public speaking"

"The workshop was a fantastic way to explore how we engage with people and how others respond to what we are saying. It really highlighted to me what a difference confident body language can make. It was also fantastic to think about how to shape a speech to enhance emphasis and pace." 


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Case Studies



Liverpool Comedy Improv has worked extensively with the NHS Innovation Hub.



Liverpool Comedy Improv provides a Management Team Training Day



Liverpool Comedy Improv has worked extensively with the University of Liverpool.

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