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Wellbeing, Confidence

Mental Health 

Laughter is a powerful tool for wellbeing ...

Since its foundation in 2015, Liverpool Comedy Improv (LCI) has worked alongside recognised and established mental health and wellbeing organisations in the North West, to develop a practice that supports wellbeing, confidence and mental health through our improvised comedy workshops.

LCI believes strongly in a safe and supportive environment and the power of laughter to enhance people's self-belief and self-confidence.

Improv is a form of spontaneous creative expression. It asks us to be 'in the moment' - in the here and now.


Its very practice requires participants to be present, to listen and validate each others' ideas and creativity. To temporarily put aside whatever may be bothering us or consuming our mind, in order to be absolutely present in the room with each other. 

Improv demands unconditional support for each other's creative imaginations in order to collaborate in mutual co-creation. When it comes to expressing one's own unique imagination and creativity, there is no elite, no right and wrong, no judgement or criticism.


The baseline fundamental principle for creativity, is safety. If one feels supported and not judged, one can express oneself without fear (of your own inner critic, or someone else's).


Recent and current clients include:    














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