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Beginners improv courses

6 - 8 week courses

Beginners Level 2 starts Fri 15th March 2024

(Only available to those who have completed a Beginners Level 1 Course)

NEXT Beginners LEVEL 1 Course to be announced soon!

A 6 week Beginners course will introduce you to the foundations of improvised comedy. 


What is Improv?

Improvised Comedy is the art of making up scenes as you go. All scenes, dialogue and characters are made up on the fly. You may have seen or heard of improv comedy through the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway.


Transferable Skills:

Improv is more than a skill-set used by performers and actors, the skills you learn are hugely transferable to every day aspects of life such as:


  • Building confidence personally, socially and professionally.

  • Unleashing your self-expression and creativity. 

  • Boosting your mental health and wellbeing.

  • Developing spontaneity, cognitive adaptability and flexibility

  • Enhancing work presentation & public speaking skills.

  • Meeting new people and making new friends. 


Not Stand-up Comedy:

Don't worry -  Improv Comedy is not stand-up comedy. You are not on your own ‘making jokes’. In fact, you don’t even have to consider yourself to be a 'funny person' to do improv. 


All About Teamwork and Fun:

Improv is about working together as a team to spontaneously create scenes & sketches. Laughter is guaranteed because comedic moments and humour are a natural by-product of playfulness, trust, non-judgmentalism and creative flow.


About the Course:

In this 6 week term, you will get to know each other in the group, build trust, cooperate, and validate each other’s ideas. You will progress together as a team, and have each other’s back as you learn to play, laugh, gain confidence and succeed. 

Course Overview:

Each week we will ...

  • Play improv warm up games and scenes 

  • Listen and accept ideas

  • Co-create scenes together

  • Appreciate your own and others' creativity 

  • Build confidence

  • Commit to self and each other

  • Boost your social connections and wellbeing

  • Laugh solidly for two hours!



“A wonderful and nurturing environment where the main aim is to cut loose and have fun. I’ve been loving it to pieces and it’s been doing me the world of good as well. Highly recommended for anybody.”


Suitable for absolute Beginners

This is an in-person class in Liverpool city centre. LCI has a code of conduct which can be found on the website. 

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