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LCI Current Covid Guidelines 

LCI is doing everything it can to minimise risk of Covid transmission in its classes. We are following whatever guidelines currently given by Government and science advisers. We use our best judgement alongside these guidelines.


Indoor classes:

The space is well ventilated. We advise everyone to be spatially aware and try to keep to a min. of 1-2m distance where possible and avoid physical contact. 

Here's how you can help keep yourself and everyone as safe as possible: 

Please do not to attend if you have symptoms of Covid / feel unwell / recently tested positive for Covid, come into recent contact with someone who has, or are within a quarantine period.


Please let LCI know if you develop symptoms during or after a session so we can track and trace relevant people. Please let us know if you cannot attend a session you have booked onto due to Covid.

Please use hand sanitiser frequently and wash hands before you return to the session from the bathroom.  

During the session please keep a respectful physical distance from each other - this is good manners as well as sensible precautionary behaviour. 

If you begin to feel unwell during a session please let me know and leave the session.

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