Liverpool Comedy Improv

Emma-Bird-Facilitator2Liverpool Comedy Improv Monday Night Drop-in:

We run a successful improv drop-in workshop every Monday night in Liverpool for anyone who wants to explore Comedy Improvisation. All levels of experience are welcome. It is particularly  suited to those who have never done improv before.

Remember ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’? Well … it’s like that … Making scenes up spontaneously without a script … and having a laugh…


The principles that underpin improv are explored, such as playfulness,  listening, accepting ideas, co-creating scenes together, character development and lots and lots of funny short form games!

Come and have a go for yourself! Learn to improvise with us!

“A wonderful and nurturing environment where the main aim is to just cut loose and have fun. I’ve been loving it to pieces and it’s been doing me the world of good as well. Highly recommended for anybody.” (Elliott)


6 Week Semester Group:

On Tuesdays we also have a 6 week Semester Group. This is a closed group and runs on a  6 week semester model. Each semester will delve into different styles, skills and techniques of improvisation. The group size is strictly limited to increase personalised coaching and direction. Topics change each semester, examples are: object & environment work; long form techniques such as tag -outs, sweep edits; longer form formats such as La Ronde or an Armando; techniques as developed by Second City, Annoyance and io improv theatre companies. Click here for more info.

Liverpool Comedy Improv sessions are led by Emma Bird.

Emma is an improviser, teacher, and professional actor. She was trained in improv by The Maydays (award-winning, critically acclaimed veterans of the comedy improv scene, Brighton/London). She has been on training courses and workshops by world-renowned improvisers: Rachel Mason & Susan Messing (Second City, Chicago); Rich & Rebecca Sohn (Annoyance Theatre, Chicago); Michael Gellman (Second City, Toronto).

She co-founded The Hee Ha’s, an improv troupe in Brighton. Also founded the new Liverpool Comedy Improv Actors Troupe who regularly rehearse and perform in the North West.


What People Say…

“I sincerely cannot remember the last time I laughed as loudly as I did.”
Latest 7, Brighton

“Emma is a dedicated and passionate Improviser. Her theatre and acting background brings a unique quality to her [work]”
Heather Urquart, The Maydays.

“Having worked with Emma for a couple of years I’ve always found her direction and creative input immensely valuable and positively challenging”
Kevin Cherry, The Hee Ha’s, Breaking Bard

“Emma somehow manages to stretch and cajole you into being a better improviser than you thought you could be. Her classes are inspiring and thought provoking – but most of all fun.”
Jo Weatherall, The Hee Ha’s, Woodingdean Players

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